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Easy Ways to Unclog Your AC Drain Holes

Clogged AC drain holes can cause a number of problems, including water damage in your home, a moldy smell throughout the house, and a malfunctioning AC unit. At Absolute HVAC Service, we take pride in providing professional HVAC services, including AC repair, AC replacement, HVAC maintenance, and more. In this article, we will walk you through some of the easy ways to unclog AC drain holes and restore your air conditioning unit to good working order.

Manually Clear Any Visible Debris from the Drain Pipe Opening

Make sure you power off your AC unit before starting the cleaning process. Switch off the unit at the thermostat and at the circuit breaker panel to avoid electric shock and damage to the unit. After that, carefully examine the drain pipe opening to see if there’s any debris that may be causing the blockage. Manually remove any visible debris if you can reach it with your fingers. If the blockage is located further down the drain pipe, you’ll have to try another method.

Use a Shop Vac and Water

Attach your shop vacuum hose to the end of the drain line and ensure the seal is airtight. Turn on the vacuum and let it run for 1-2 minutes to suck the blockage out. If the clog doesn’t come out after running the vacuum, there is a chance that it’s dried up. To loosen up the clog and make it easier to vacuum out, pour a jug of water and a ¼ of a cup of distilled vinegar into the drain line access point. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes, and then run the vacuum again for 1-2 minutes. Open the vacuum to see if the clog has been sucked out.

Use a Drain Snake

If the vacuum doesn’t work, try dislodging the clog using a drain snake. Also known as a plumbing snake, a drain snake is a long, flexible metal cable used to dislodge clogs in plumbing. Insert the snake into the drain line access and push it into the drain line until you feel some resistance, meaning you’ve reached the clog. Be careful not to direct the drain snake towards the air handler or you could damage the evaporator coil. When you reach the clog, twist the snake until you break through it. Once you remove the clog, pour a cup of distilled vinegar into the top of the drain pipe to complete the cleaning process.

Note: Do not use bleach, as it can damage components of your air conditioner and cause respiratory problems.

Trust Absolute HVAC Service for All of Your HVAC Needs

Perhaps your AC drain holes are clogged and you need help clearing any blockages to keep your unit running smoothly. Or maybe your air conditioner is exhibiting signs of trouble and you need reliable AC repair as soon as possible. When you’re in need of professional HVAV services, you can rely on Absolute HVAC Service to meet and even exceed your expectations. Here at Absolute HVAC Service, we are a trusted HVAC company that you can rely on for all of your HVAC needs. From AC repair, AC installation, AC replacement, and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.