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Recommended Thermostat Settings for Your Home

HVAC systems play a critical role in improving the quality of indoor spaces. With that in mind, ensuring the thermostat is set correctly is advisable if you want to optimize performance and efficiency. As the seasons change, homeowners need to adjust their thermostats to align with the environmental conditions. If you want to sacrifice a bit of comfort to save money, Absolute HVAC Service is a trusted HVAC company ready to help. Research shows you can save 10% annually on utility costs and AC repair calls. Here are the recommended thermostat settings for your home throughout the year.

Thermostat Settings for Summer

Summers are hot, and the last thing any homeowner wants is the same temperature inside. The recommended thermostat setting is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, but only when someone is home. Although the temperature indoors may seem a little warmer than usual, it reduces energy costs without compromising system efficiency or risking unplanned AC repair services. A professional HVAC company can help you find the temperature that helps you save energy, stay comfortable, and save money. We urge you to crank up the thermostat to 85 degrees Fahrenheit when you are out to save on cooling costs.

Thermostat Settings for Winter

The recommended thermostat setting for most homes during the cold months is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. While this temperature can change based on indoor conditions, it is safe for your loved ones and pets. When you turn in for the night, adjust the thermostat to 65 degrees Fahrenheit to save more. You can save up to 15% by lowering your thermostat between 10 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit. If your HVAC is unresponsive after changing the thermostat setting, hire a professional for air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Thermostat Setting for Spring and Fall

Lowering your energy bill with optimal temperatures during spring and fall is challenging. The weather is usually unpredictable this time of year, with frequent temperature swings that make it challenging to find a standard setting. The best option is to set a lower and upper limit on your programmable thermostat for heating or air conditioning.

Ensure you don’t set the heater too high in winter or the AC too high in summer. We recommend 78 degrees Fahrenheit during warmer times and 86 degrees Fahrenheit if no one is home. In cooler weather, set the thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 degrees if you leave. The frequent fluctuations in temperature can pose a challenge if you manually change the thermostat setting. Hence, place your thermostat on "Auto" mode and set the "Deadband," the temperature below and above, to prevent unit damage and hefty air conditioning repair costs.

Consult a Professional

You can heat and cool your home for less with the help of a reputable HVAC company. We conduct routine inspections, allowing us to assess, detect, and address minor issues before they become more pronounced. Contact us at Absolute HVAC Service and schedule a consultation with the experts. Leverage our extensive industry experience and expertise to maximize your unit without breaking the bank.