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Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC Unit

Are you concerned that your AC unit is beginning to fail? It isn't always easy to determine whether you should invest in an HVAC repair service or take the leap and invest in a new unit. The professionals at Absolute HVAC Service offer quality commercial and residential services for local clients, including HVAC repair, replacement, and new installations in Oakwood, Georgia, and surrounding communities. If you're unsure which service is right for you, then read below for common warning signs that mean you need a replacement rather than a repair.

Your AC Unit is More Than 10 Years Old

Most air conditioners are designed to last around ten years if they are kept in good shape. That means that if your unit has reached its first decade of life, it might be time to let it go. While repairs can usually get your AC back on track, the cost of multiple repair services could easily outweigh the price of buying a new unit.

Weird Noises

Does your air conditioning system sound like a construction site? If you're hearing a lot of clanking, banging, and screeching when the AC comes on, then this is a sure sign of trouble. It's likely that you're dealing with busted motor bearings or a slipping belt. A repair can sometimes fix the issue, but if the damage is severe, or the cost of the part replacement is almost equal to investing in a new model, then a replacement might be the best choice.

Strange Smells

If the air blowing through your vents smells like a fire, then this could indicate a very serious problem. Your unit might be burning out, but there may also be electrical issues involved. If this is happening to you, call Absolute HVAC Service right away to avoid potential safety concerns.

Low SEER Rating

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. AC units with low SEER ratings can use a lot of energy to maintain. The current US Department of Energy has established a minimum SEER rating of 13 to be the new standard. So, if your existing air conditioner is less than 13, then it might be practical to replace it with a more energy-efficient model that will increase your property value and lower your monthly energy costs.

Uses R22 Freon

Outdated AC systems sometimes use R22, which is a type of freon that can cause ozone damage. Its negative environmental impact has caused the product to be phased out and replaced with R410A, also known as Puron. If your unit requires R22, then it's a good idea to switch to a newer unit. Doing so will decrease maintenance complications since freon is no longer easily found in the marketplace.

Do You Need a Professional HVAC Repair or Replacement Service? Call Our Team

Is it time for you to replace your dysfunctional AC unit? Then call the specialists at Absolute HVAC Service today. Our dedicated technicians are ready to help improve your comfort, air quality, and efficiency. Contact our office for more information about our HVAC services or to schedule an appointment with an experienced heating and cooling specialist in Oakwood, GA, or a nearby metro Atlanta area neighborhood.