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All You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Parts

An air conditioner comprises many different parts working together in harmony to remove heat from your home. Knowing the basics of an air conditioner is an integral part of keeping the unit in good working order.

At Absolute HVAC Service, we are HVAC professionals, so we understand how an AC works inside out. Today, we will look at the major components of an air conditioner and their functions.


The compressor is the heart of your air conditioner. Its main job is to convert low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas so it can be transported to the condenser coil. This process converts the refrigerant into liquid form, thereby helping with the cooling process. The compressor is located within the part of an AC accessible from outside your home.


The job of an evaporator is to extract heat and humidity from the air. This piece of equipment is located near the blower and is connected to the condenser with a thin pipe. Within the evaporator is a liquid refrigerant that absorbs warm air. When indoor air blows over the cold evaporator coils, the liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat and pumps the liquid to the compressor coils, where the heat is released.

Condenser Coil

The purpose of the condenser coil is to eject the heat collected from indoors to the outside.  The condenser coil is housed within the outdoor unit of your AC. This component receives high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant from the compressor and turns it into a liquid, where it then flows to the evaporator coils. The compressor expels heat with the aid of the condenser fan, which blows air over the coils. 

Expansion Valve

Also known as a metering device, an expansion valve is located between the compressor and the evaporator. This piece of equipment regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. In the expansion valve, the refrigerant experiences a pressure drop, cools rapidly, and changes from a high-pressure liquid to a low-pressure gas. The refrigerant then flows to the evaporator to repeat the air conditioning process.

Air Filter

The AC filter keeps dust and debris out of your air conditioner. It removes particulates and pollutants such as dust, pet dander, and mold spores from the air flowing through the AC unit. You should change your AC filter every three months to keep your unit in good working order.


This component allows you to set the temperature that you want. It monitors the current temperature and turns on the AC when the temperature inside your home exceeds your ideal temperature setting.

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